Posted by: Steve | August 22, 2008

Harmony Auto Knitter Find!

Found at an area auction, tucked away in the corner of a former chicken coop, a “new in box” Harmony Auto Knitter, made in 1983 in Harmony, ME.  The machine is still wrapped in an October 1983 issue of the Wall Street Journal:

The sample sock – as it came from the factory – is still attached!

More about this find to come as I unpack it…



  1. ooooh! Lucky you! I am hoping to find some great deal like this…I guess I will have to go to more estate sales and things like that.

    Have you used it yet??

    grace 🙂
    goodnessgracious on ravelry

  2. Grace,
    I’m just now getting it set up. The original “test sock” is still on the needles. I’m looking at the state of the 25 year old oil on the machine and it may have to be removed and re-oiled (it’s kinda stiff).

    Also I will be scanning and posting all the factory documentation as well as notes, etc. that came with the machine for historical interest. The owner was clearly (or attempting) to become a dealer.

    More pictures to come!

  3. What an excellent find! The Holy Grail of the CSM world! That is so incredible. And looks in perfect condition (as it should be) despite all those years of “storage”. Yes, the oil will have hardened by now.. but a little work to clean it and you have a perfectly new machine, and at probably little cost. Amazing!

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