Posted by: Steve | September 8, 2008

Evapo-Rust Restoration Success!!

Seeking a non-destructive way to clean the rust off of the CSM “setup device” I stumbled upon Evapo-Rust (previously mentioned).  Here’s what the piece looked like before starting:

And, after 3 hours soak in the Evapo-Rust solution:

Really nice… The tines of the “springy” fingers cleaned up nicely and without apparent damage!  (You can see one of the sock weights soaking in the background.  Results were similar after a few hours.)




  1. Hi Steve

    Your machine looks great. Wow that Evapo-rust looks like it works well. I’m going to have to buy some of it.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, I was impressed. My previous rust removal experience was with “naval jelly” which is kinda nasty stuff. Good luck!

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