Posted by: Steve | September 26, 2008

Knox Indiana Crank-In

What do you get when you gather a gaggle of circular sock machine (CSM) enthusiasts for a day of fun, food, and sharing?

A “crank in” of course!

A first for the northern community of Knox, IN, pm September 20, 2008, Judi and Larry rounded up about 15 CSM aficionados from across the mid-west.  Drawn by the promise of good food, help, and the love of sock machines, a “small crowd” gathered in the Community Center for a day of sharing.

It was my first crank – in.  I was not disappointed!

Packing in my new Harmony Auto Knitter, I looked for an immersion day focused on getting to know my machine and a bit of CSM history.  While I setup, around the room other machines emerged from their carefully packed transportation.  There was old and new machines… and even one that was mostly home made!

I get busy and was greated warmly by Judi who sat down to explore my Harmony, and help me understand its operation:

Judi explained and adjusted the ribber.  She graciously supplied me a bonnet for starting a sock.  After more oil that I thought necessary, my Harmony was knitting beautifully!  Before long, I had cranked through a few hundred yards of scrap yarn.

Mark stopped by and helped me locate several needles that “clunked”.  After looking over the machine, he thought it just needed to be broken in.  After all, it was new.  It had sat in the original Harmony box for 25 years as it was shipped from the factory.  The original tube was unraveled, re-wound, and setup for re-knitting.

Somewhere in here there was a break for lunch… (I came to knit… not eat!)  However, the food was good!

After lunch, Kim helped me through the motions of knitting a heel.  The process was practised throughout the afternoon.  The results?  Kinda funny…


I think there are 7 heels in this piece.  Some better than others!

Mark explaining something important… I didn’t take enough notes:
A look at Mark’s custom CSM. There’s a bunch of hand machined parts here which resulted in the smoothest and quietest CSM I’ve every seen!


Here’s the “ultimate” CSM workstation:


And Judi helping out on another machine:

Lessons learned or reinforced:

  • Fiber people are great folks!
  • the CSM is finicky, however my Harmony is in excellent shape with much promise!
  • I can knit heels… (now to put it all together for a sock)
  • Fiber people are generous!
  • Verizon hasn’t yet visited Knox (you know, “can you hear me now?” – well, not really…)

Bon tricot,




  1. It looks like it was a great time. Isn’t it wonderful how friendly & helpful CSM knitters are.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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