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  1. Your weaving and knitting skill are amazing! I have a quick question since I am bravely following your log pattern preparation direction ….I have my initial pattern A and pattern B threaded (A is light dark, light dark, light dark and B is dark light, dark light for 8 total AB. Now I wind these on the beam and move threads. Here’s the question: redistributing the threads can begin from either the left to right or right to left correct, just so every slot and hole are filled?

    • Sharon
      Thank you for your kind words!

      It makes no difference if you work left-to-right or right-to-left for this weave. Whatever is convenient for you and your setup! What is needed is an established pattern – a rhythm so-to-speak – as you complete the warp redistribution. Then when you actually begin weaving, you will need another rhythm as you work your weft, changing color as you go. Best wishes!

  2. Ready to weave and I have a question about the weft color order. In my warp I have LDLDLD (6 lights in slots, and 6 darks in holes SHSHSH=12 ends) for pattern A and DLDLDL (4 darks in slots,4 lights in holes,=8 ends)

    So as I begin the weft weave I follow the above pattern with pattern A and then pattern B?
    It looks like I may have made a mistake. i have pics but haven’t figured out how to post on this-thanks Shari

  3. You’ve got it right for the weft. You can use the same number of shots of pattern A and B or something different for a different look.

    I have pictures of my project here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lawresh/sets/72157622768481602

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